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Production Time

8 weeks, 50%


TGE (TGA in-house engine)

Team Size





My Contributions

  • Slime Enemy

  • Normal Enemy

  • Shooting Enemy

  • Heavy Enemy

Slime Enemy

The slime enemy is a very basic one, it moves straight to you if it has a line of sight using ray casts and you kill it in one hit. It only deals damage when you make contact with it.

Normal Enemy

The normal enemy uses separate animations depending on its enum-based states it also saves the position of the player when it starts its attack animation and only hits if the player is still within range of that point. This way if you run around it or dash when it attack you don't take damage and the player gets rewarded for their timings.

Shooting Enemy

The shooting enemy uses Pythagoras's theorem to determine which of the four axes is closest to the player and aims there. The intention was not for the shooting enemy to be a threat on its own, but together with multiple enemies, it can be quite a nuisance.

Heavy Enemy

The heavy enemy is the one with the most focus. I designed and made the circles myself to indicate where it will hit you. It has a much longer windup and attack animation to balance the huge range. It also deals double damage when it hits. The design makes the player be much more active in combat, instead of standing still and hitting which works against normal enemies due to the knockback. The heavy enemy forces you to dodge away and rewards a more hit-and-run kind of strategy.

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