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Shoot 'em up

Production Time

6 weeks, 50%


TGA2D (TGA in-house engine)

Team Size





My Contributions

  • Enemies

  • Collisions

  • Level Loading

  • Bosses


I designed some of the enemies together with Level Designers, things such as: How they moved, what bullet patterns they were using, and how easy they were to hit and kill. I had to learn and use Patrick's enemy system and learned a lot from working with others' code. I designed the bullet patterns myself using Mateusz's bullet generator tool.

Mini boss

I had tons of fun designing the mini-boss of the first level. The game we were making was supposed to be a bullet hell so I designed the fight to be filled with bullets and give you short breaks. Lots of iteration and balancing with feedback, when it was too hard I made it easier and when it was exploitable or too easy we had to make it faster and stronger. There was an odd bug where 1/20 times the boss would stand still and stop everything it was doing, so I had 20 different instances of the game on my screen to try to catch it happening to find it.

Final boss

The final boss was handed to me very late in the development so I didn't have much time to iterate on it and be included in the design. But I reused most of the code from the Mini-Boss such as enumerator-based states. For the third phase, it didn't make sense to shoot bullets (since the bullets came from the eyes). So I made it spawn enemies every time it took damage. This way you could control how hard you want the boss fight. If you take it slow it's easier and if you deal a lot of damage, it gets harder.

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