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Coconut Isle Screenshot 5.png



Production Time

8 weeks, 50%


TGE (TGA in-house engine)

Team Size





My Contributions

  • Grapple Hook

  • Grapple Hook Pull

  • Grapple Hook Swing

  • Wall Jump

Grapple Hook

We used Grapple Dog as our reference game where the main selling point is the grapple hook. The hook took almost the entire project to get right, everything from the physics to not being able to exploit the mechanics was a big challenge and it taught me a lot.

Due to the debug drawer not working in TGE, I had to make it in a separate engine first and then try to convert all the code into TGE which was hard due to the y-direction being inverted so all the physics got flipped.

Grapple Hook Pull

The grapple's pull mode was pretty easy to develop when it hit a balloon you move at an accelerated speed toward the balloon and when you reach it launches you upwards.

Grapple Hook Swing

The swing was the hard part, I had to use a sinus curve to determine where the character was supposed to be, using left and right to increase my speed in that direction while up and down increased or decreased my radius. When you jump into a grapple swing I had to use ATAN2 to calculate and set the position math to correlate to your world position. Making it all feel good was the hardest part and required tons of testing and iteration.

Wall Jump

I also had to make the wall jump which was a big challenge, getting the wall collision detection sensitive enough to trigger gliding on the wall but also not too sensitive so you get stuck on all the walls in the levels. 

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